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Dragon Star kung fu has been open since 2007. The kung fu style we teach is kajukenbo northern tum pai. It’s roots stem back to sijo emperado's kajukenbo self defense system, which was developed in the late 40's, as a combative street art. Northern tum pai was introduced by grand-master Jon Loren as a defensive art that controls and develops the movement of centerline. With this art, a student learns how to stay away from negative energy, and to be strong enough to walk away from bullies. Kung fu is very circular with its movements, and has many designed blocking techniques that assure one’s safety. We have classes for boys and girls of all ages, and teens and adults too! Our classes are fun, exciting, and dynamic! Your focus, awareness, mobility, balance, power & speed, respect, endurance, and proper breathing, will all increase in just a couple of classes! Each certified instructor has over 20 years experience in kung fu, and will bring out the best in you. Come in and let your Kajukenbo kung fu journey begin!
Reed R. Washougal, WA
I am so glad I found Dragon Star Kung Fu and Sifu Tom and Benita. The energy in the school is great. You get real Tum Pai Kajukenbo and quality training without any ego. There are usually several other Sifus and black belts in class to help the newer students. Definitely the best Kung Fu school I have ever trained at.
Maureen W. Vancouver, WA
Sifu Tom is a true Practitioner of living the principles of Kung Fu. He wants to develop solid leaders who thrive in the real world, have respect and work hard. He is a natural teacher and is not into fancy moves. He is into self defense and fundamentals that are life saving. My daughter has thrived under his supervision! He creates a team work atmosphere where the kids all support each other. We have enjoyed her 3 years and look forward to more!
Melissa M. Vancouver, WA
I love this place! The instructors are very nice and encouraging. We put our daughter in classes at 4, and after watching all the fun she had both my husband and I decided to join. That was 4 years ago and we are still all going! Best work out I have found and I am more confident then I have ever been.
Justin R. Vancouver, WA
I have been here training off and on for 12 yrs. The dynamic of this school has always stayed the same over the years. Every time I walk through the doors I'm feel like family and am greeted with love and respect! I am currently training here and will continue in Northern Kajukenbo Tum Pai until I die. The Sifu's Black Belts and Under belts are all very respectful and willing to help where needed. Sifu Tom and Sifu Benita have opened and maintained the best Kung Fu School I've ever been to and have the privilege to call my family!
Jaucelyn M. Vancouver, WA
These are just a few words to describe the Teachers at Dragon Star. I have been a student for 8 years and the Byrne family owner/operators are amazing people. Kids and adults learn how to be their best and excel in anything they do. Very supportive and knowledgeable. Love this family! Wonderful school!
Larry T. Vancouver, WA
Sifu Tom and Sifu Benita are absolutely the two best instructors I've ever had the honor of training under. My daughter also has learned so much, not only about self defense, safety and fitness, but about respect and responsibility. No doubt about it, Dragon Star is the best MA school in Vancouver. The real deal.